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Argh! The frustration of the assumption that just because nothing comes out of her mouth, there's nothing going on in her head. The number of times I have to explain to people my daughter is autistic not stupid. Don't treat her like a baby, she chooses not to speak. That doesn't mean she doesn't understand you.

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Vela, our Spcaeship, who is currently docked out front is getting Top Honors and rave reviews. She&#8217;s been great to travel in, store gear and glide through the Kiwi streets. I&#8217;m sure we get some funny looks since the converted Toyota is labeled &#8220;Spaceship&#8221; but we have seen stranger cars already. We kinda wish gas wasn&#8217;t $2 a litre (!), but tomorrow we&#8217;ll toss some food in her fridge, load out and head on!

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By Dan Reiland November 12, 2012 - 2:55 pmVery good advice. I am getting close to taking my check ride and have been monitoring a local towered airport for a while now. It really does help to get more comfortable.

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Lesa, I love Corned beef and Cabbage! And as a soup, even better, the broth is always wonderful, the combination of these flavors, delish! And I don&#39;t have a food processor either, we do what we have to.&#160;

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Congratulations! YouTube for winning the copyright infringement case against Viacom! This will protect everyone while communicating with each and other people, and also on sharing incredible ideas with the world.Anything is possible, likewise, with the help of the numerous who can protect a company against cases like that.

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What a great review of the musicianship&#8230;I have to agree with KSRocker though, too back neither of the awesome guitarists are still in the band. All you are left with is the lyric writer who has had too many drunk booty calls and can barely play rhythm.

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We still have the red cups in our area. I saw one yesterday. Let me know if you want me to pick one up for you. I have every Starbuck ornament from the beginning.Your home looks lovely.Fondly,Glenda

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You received so many great-sounding books this week! I really want to read The Map of Time &#8212; I&#8217;m especially looking forward to your review of that one. Enjoy!

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Just visiting your site tonight, feeling mellow, needing stillness, and knowing I will find music here that will &#8216;feed&#8217; me.Oh yes, there is deep peace in choosing to be who God intended us to be &#8211; and then the loveliest thing &#8211; blessing flows out to others just as He intended. Thank you.

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Oh how delicious would it be if &#8220;secret Muslim&#8221; Obama proposed a tax scheme based on the zakat?While it is true that you can avoid capital gains taxes by not taking a capital gain, you can also avoid income taxes by not taking an income. At any rate, we have all been assured by the esteemed Warren Buffet that capital gains tax rates play no part in his investment decisions.

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